Why We Said No To Amazon

Why We Said No To Amazon

Amazon: the ultimate emperor of online shopping. But did you know that being on Amazon can turn your brand into a ghost town? Unless you're a celebrity like J.Lo or a mogul like Jessica Alba, your brand might not exactly thrive on Amazon. Let's break it down: Amazon won't lift a finger to advertise your brand unless you fork out thousands of dollars. They'll even make you sign contracts to ensure you'll stay with them for a year, regardless of how much you sell. Oh, and you'll get to part with $40 a month just to possibly make a sale. Don't forget the commission and other fees that'll eat away your profits. The end result? A paycheck that'll make you cry.

We were offered the opportunity to sell Hammerhead Cape Fear on Amazon, but we respectfully declined. It's not because we were swayed by their initial expenses or the fact that they only promote your brand if you shell out a substantial five-figure check. We didn't join because we realize our brand has more value than just being part of a crowded online marketplace. We believe in our product and the experience we offer to our customers, and we want to continue delivering that without compromising our principles.

Over the past 9 years, our brand has seen incredible growth and success. We've expanded in ways that were once unimaginable and now have the privilege of working with big-name retailers in the Midwest and Northern East Coast. Our products are showcased in select retailers and boutiques up and down the East Coast, where we pride ourselves on catering to each of our retailer's needs and providing them with extensive knowledge of our collections.

At our core, we believe that knowledge is power. By providing our retailers with the expertise they need to properly showcase our products, we ensure that they sell with ease. Unlike Amazon, where we're just another brand on their extensive list, we believe in building personal relationships with our retailers, followers, and customers. They're not just numbers to us - they're the reason we're so successful.

We understand that some may believe that joining Amazon's marketplace is the key to success. However, we strongly disagree. As a company that takes pride in customizing our approach to each retailer we work with, we would be doing them a great disservice by joining a faceless marketplace like Amazon.

In short, we believe that when it comes to building a successful brand, it's important to prioritize quality over quantity. We're confident that our approach has helped us to build a strong foundation of loyal customers, followers, and retailers who share our values - and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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